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How do medical expenses affect workers' compensation benefits?

The workers' compensation system provides for a number of benefits for workers who suffer from a workplace illness or on-the-job injury. There are monetary benefits for which a worker may qualify based on his or her illness. Such benefits are available for total disability to partial disability, as well as day of wages and even benefits for a dependent survivor. One of the most crucial types of benefits, however, is those that compensate for medical expenses.

Workers' comp may provide relief for asbestos-related illnesses

Many Connecticut residents are aware of the dangers of asbestos. Asbestos, which was commonly used in shipyards and industrial facilities, as well as old schools or public buildings, has microscopic fibers that a person can breathe in. These fibers cause damage to a person's lungs and can lead to mesothelioma cancer. A person who has worked in one of these facilities, or in another facility in which asbestos was present, may have been put at risk for mesothelioma cancer through possible long-term exposure to toxic chemicals.

What are the symptoms of the occupational disease carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious work-related health issue for many Connecticut workers. Those who are finding themselves with a problem completing their work tasks and don't believe that they're going to be able to secure benefits through workers' compensation might be mistaken. Knowing the symptoms of carpal tunnel is the first step to pursuing benefits.

Police station fined for long-term exposure to toxic chemicals

The police headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, that was previously under review by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has received its final report. The station has been fined for asbestos and water contamination violations that may have increased employees' long-term exposure to toxic chemicals.

Can you choose your own doctor to treat a workplace illness?

When an employee finds himself facing a work-related illness, the main concerns that arise immediately are ability to recover and finding ways to fund the new financial burden. Once the initial confusion subsides and details begin falling into place, additional questions may arise.

Connecticut workplace illness more frequent than U.S. average

For some jobs in Connecticut, the work and its environment lends itself to a higher risk to suffer from workplace illness. Workers might be aware of the dangers they face, but are willing to endure the risks and eschew the fear of long-term effects to do their jobs. In other instances, they're not aware of the dangers. In Connecticut, studies have shown that although there are improvements being made when it comes to worker safety, there is still a higher than average number of people who suffer from work-related illness.

How do I know if I have an asbestos-related illness?

Workers in Connecticut who were employed in various industries that resulted in them being exposed to asbestos through ignorance or by willful disregard for their safety on the part of their employers need to know the signs of asbestos-related illness. Because the issues that can arise after being exposed to asbestos are so damaging and often fatal, there's the possibility that the individual will become sick and die without realizing exactly what it was that made them sick in the first place.

Police headquarters cleaned to thwart workplace illness from lead

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is requiring a Connecticut police department to clean its building due to the existence of excessively high lead levels throughout many areas of the department. The resulting bill could cost upwards of $10,000 as the headquarters undergoes thorough cleansing to prevent future workplace illness.

Cleanup plan debate extends long-term exposure to toxic chemicals

A Connecticut company that previously used asbestos in its parts, forced to shut down its brake pad manufacturing facility 25 years ago, remains the center of debate regarding cleanup of the multiple contaminated sites it left behind. The $21 million apportioned for cleanup efforts has yet to be used until a compromise can be made regarding the appropriate procedure. Until then, residents and former employees may continue to suffer consequences of such long-term exposure to toxic chemicals.

OSHA could fine demolition company $63,000 for asbestos hazards

For decades, Connecticut buildings were made with asbestos. The mineral is effective as insulation and as a fire retardant, but it can release tiny fibers that lead to cancer and other serious health problems when they get into people's lungs. The United States finally banned new uses of asbestos in 1989, but the substance still exists in many old buildings.

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