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Employee injured after train versus truck accident on the job

A Connecticut crash between an Amtrak train and a tree trimming truck sent five people to the hospital, including the tree trimming employee involved. This particular truck accident on the job is not the first report the tree trimming company has had for injuries that its employees have experienced in the workplace.

Connecticut inspects circus after 9 hurt in trapeze accident

All kinds of workers in Connecticut can be injured in an accident at work. Construction workers and those who work with heavy machinery may be at a higher risk for certain kinds of accidents, but they are not the only ones facing the possibility of serious injury.

Thrift store worker dies when gun falls out of donated clothes

Certain Connecticut jobs are more dangerous than others. Construction workers, for instance, deal with heavy equipment and have to climb tall structures. Still, accidents - even fatal accidents - can happen at all kinds of workplaces. When they do, they leave the injured and their families struggling.

Alarming rise in accidents among cellphone tower workers

Connecticut residents are increasingly dependent upon cellphones and other high-tech wireless communication devices, but they often forget about all the physical infrastructures that go into making these things work. In order to meet the growing demand for these devices, companies need to erect more and more communications towers, and this requires employees to perform dangerous work.

Two hurt in electrical surge at Connecticut sewage plant

There are a lot of modern conveniences most Connecticut residents take for granted. For instance, few individuals really appreciate how much they rely upon electricity until there's a power outage. However, there are other Connecticut workers who have the task of keeping services like electricity running. When something goes wrong with these services, there are workers who put themselves at risk trying to fix the problem.

Connecticut worker badly hurt in conveyor belt accident

Accidents can happen in all kinds of Connecticut workplaces, and when moving machinery is involved, those accidents can result in serious injury. A UPS worker at a Connecticut facility suffered severe injuries in a recent workplace accident when his arm became caught in a conveyor belt.

Worker killed in Connecticut industrial accident

Accidents can happen in any kind of workplace in Connecticut, but some workplaces carry greater risks than others. Those who work in a cubicle in an office may be just as likely to trip and fall as a person who works with heavy machinery, but the accident near the machinery is more likely to lead to serious or fatal injury.

Fatal accident spurs new safety devices for Metro-North

No kind of workplace can be made 100 percent safe from accidents, but Connecticut and federal laws require employers to take reasonable steps to protect workers from safety hazards. When a simple and affordable device can make a big difference in protecting workers from a serious accident at work, employers should use the device.

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