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Construction accidents common cause of workers' injuries

Construction work is essential and important work, but it can also be dangerous. Connecticut residents may be interested in the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration's statistics that reflect the danger of construction accidents.

Three workers hurt in fall after construction accident

When a Connecticut construction worker heads out for a day at work, there's an understanding that the job carries with it a certain amount of risk. Any physical job holds certain dangers, but injuries in a construction accident are quite common due to the inherent issues. Given the nature of these incidents, a construction worker can suffer injuries and even fatalities. Another important factor after a construction worker injury is the medical costs, the inability to work and lost pay. Those who have been hurt need to know what to do in the accident's aftermath.

Construction accident sends worker to hospital with injuries

Workers in Bridgeport who choose to enter the field of construction know several things. They will have a job that lets them work outside, they'll be able to see the results of their toil as it progresses, they'll be able to use their physical strength and attention to detail and they are at risk for injuries or death in a construction accident. A worker who is injured on a construction site will have a great deal to think about after the accident including workers' compensation and how to return to full health.

Construction accident severely injures Fairfield worker

A Connecticut worker has been hospitalized after suffering injuries in a serious construction site accident. The police have reported that the injuries do not appear to be life threatening, however.

Record settlement for worker injured on a construction site

A recent workers' compensation settlement just became the largest ever awarded in Connecticut history. A construction worker received $4.5 million in compensation for a paralyzing fall he suffered in 2007.The worker was an 18-year-old in 2007 when he was working on a construction site. He was performing roof work when he fell off of an 18-foot ladder. The ladder fall broke his spine, rendering him a quadriplegic. The construction company later received citations from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for violating safety standards where the worker was injured on the construction site. Some of the citations related to defects on the ladder that was involved in the fall. Part of the settlement agreement incorporated the purchasing of a modified house for the now 24-year-old worker to call home. Until recently, he had been in multiple rehabilitation centers.As in many cases, a workers' compensation claim was the main remedy available for the worker rather than suing the construction company itself. Workers' compensation is a program in place that offers payments to employees who become injured or disabled on the job, or as a result of the job. Such claims can help the employee recover costs from medical care related to the injury, replacement income, and compensation for permanent injuries suffered.Employees injured on the job or as a result of work-related circumstances deserve compensation for the financial burden often imposed by such injuries. Workers' compensation claims cannot repair what the employee has been through but they may be able to help ease some of the financial strain for injured employees, like the construction worker in this instance.

Connecticut construction worker hurt in scaffolding fall

Scaffolding falls are among the most common serious accidents at construction sites. Workers must climb high on these temporary structures where any wrong step or poorly placed equipment can lead to a fall and serious injuries.

Construction worker falls to death when bridge collapses

Connecticut construction workers try very hard to make their work sites as safe as they can, and the State of Connecticut has many regulations designed to prevent construction site accidents. Nonetheless, construction sites remain inherently dangerous places.

Two Connecticut construction workers die in electrical accident

Connecticut's construction workers deal with dangerous conditions every day. They routinely climb scaffolds, move heavy equipment over unpaved areas and perform other tasks that could easily lead to an accident and serious injuries. With proper procedures and careful planning, they can usually avoid these accidents. But when working with heavy construction equipment, these workers can experience all sorts of accidents that may not be so easily foreseen.

Construction company fined in Connecticut crane accident

A construction company has been cited for "willful and serious" safety violations in an investigation into a crane accident at a Connecticut construction site earlier this year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration imposed fines on the company totaling $162,500.

Connecticut attempts to improve safety for highway workers

Connecticut drivers sometimes get annoyed when roadside construction slows down their commute. There's no doubt that these construction projects can create an inconvenience at times. Still, that's no reason to put the lives of road construction workers at risk. Many road construction workers are hurt or killed every year when drivers fail to slow down or fail to take adequate care when driving near a construction zone.

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