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Safety hazards abound for Connecticut firefighters on the job

The potential for work accidents exists at all Connecticut workplaces, but some workplaces and types of work are inherently riskier than others. One especially risky form of work is firefighting.

Winter weather may increase risk of a car accident on the job

Poor winter weather conditions have been blamed for a recent bus accident near Hartford, Connecticut. Nine passengers on the bus required transportation to the Hartford Hospital, with four of them being taken to the emergency room. Freezing rain made roads treacherously slick across the state. Highway cameras recording the scene appear to show the accident was attributable to the slippery conditions. The commuter bus crash was not the only one that day; several tractor-trailer accidents were reported as well. Road conditions eventually improved as temperatures rose, as the icy sleet changed into a regular rainfall.

You have probably heard of OSHA, but what exactly is it?

Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971 in order to prevent work accidents and deaths due to unsafe working environments. Since its creation, work-related deaths have decreased by over 65 percent while injuries and illnesses have lessened by 67 percent.OSHA covers most private sector employers and employees, as well as some employees in the public sector. Self-employed workers, family members of farm employers and workers in fields regulated by other agencies are generally not covered. OSHA sets standards describing the methods employers must comply with to protect their workers from hazards or a preventable accident at work. Some of these standards include regulations to prevent falls or cave-ins, reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and provide respirators or other safety equipment for employees.

OSHA updates rules on keeping records for workplace injuries

For Connecticut workers and their families, one of the biggest fears is for there to be an accident on the job leading to a serious or fatal injury. While these types of workplace accidents are most frequently associated with the so-called "risky" jobs such as construction, law enforcement or firefighting, they can happen at any time for a multitude of reasons. When these happen, there is federal oversight as to how it is reported.

Connecticut officer struck in car accident on the job

A Connecticut motorcycle police officer found himself the victim of an accident involving another vehicle. Fortunately, quick thinking helped him avoid more serious injury that could have easily resulted from the car accident on the job.

Accident on the job sends truck driver to hospital

For workers in certain types of employment in Bridgeport, there is a known risk of injury due to the nature of the job. That, however, doesn't mean that workplace accidents should not be taken seriously. For people who work on garbage trucks or transport various materials, there is the inherent danger of a truck accident on the job. Due to the sheer size of trucks and the likelihood that heavy materials will be the cargo on the truck, this can lead to severe injuries.

Connecticut town government pays fines for safety violations

Connecticut's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or CONN-OSHA, is known for responding to complaints or work accidents and imposing fines on private employers who provide their employees with an unsafe working environment. However, CONN-OSHA also conducts random inspections and can impose fines on even government agencies when they violate safety standards.

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