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Worker injured in Danbury construction accident

Construction site accidents can have a variety of causes, and more than one party may be liable for any injuries caused by an accident. A recent construction accident in Danbury shows the importance and complexity of identifying the responsible party.

Jack slips, crushing worker's foot on Route 74 bridge project

Road and bridge construction projects in Connecticut often use temporary arrangements to handle traffic while the project is underway. Occasionally, removing these temporary barriers can be extremely dangerous. This unhappy fact was demonstrated on August 21, 2017 when one or more pieces of bracing equipment slipped and caused a severe injury to a construction worker's foot.

Let us help you after your construction accident

Construction workers provide necessary and important services to every member of the Bridgeport community. Through their specialized skills and tremendous effort they build, repair and shape the urban landscape of the city which in turn improves not only the local aesthetic but also property values and community safety.

Scaffolding structures can cause construction site accidents

Seeing a high-rise building grow over the course of weeks and months can be exciting for individuals who live in Connecticut's metropolitan areas. Though the tall buildings may stretch higher and higher with each passing week, it can take months before they are fully revealed without the many scaffolds and support structures that workers attach to them and use to complete their work. Scaffolds and supports play an integral part in construction work and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that close to two-thirds of construction workers work on scaffolds with some frequency during the course of their jobs.

Overview of potential liability for construction site accidents

When a Connecticut construction worker is hurt while on the job it can be challenging to know exactly who might be responsible for their injuries. Depending upon how the injury-causing accident happened and where the incident occurred there are a variety of parties that may be fully or partially liable for the worker's damages and harm. This post will generally discuss some of the entities that may serve as defendants in a personal injury case based on the harm suffered by a construction worker. Readers are cautioned, though, that every case of this type is different and as such the contents of this post should not be relied on as legal guidance.

Construction worker hit by car in Connecticut

A variety of protections may be available to injured construction workers harmed on the job. A construction worker was recently struck by a car while working as a flagger at a construction site in a nearby Connecticut community. The hit-and-run driver who hit the construction worker was subsequently arrested following the accident. Police officers working the construction site pursued the driver following the accident. According to reports, the construction worker was injured when he was struck but not seriously.

Construction workers are protected when harmed on the job

Construction accidents can be devastating for construction workers and their families. There are a variety of potential hazards on construction sites and sometimes when employers fail to take appropriate action to help minimize the risks, construction workers can be harmed and suffer serious injuries or otherwise. Workers' compensation benefits are available as a safeguard against the harm construction accident workers and their families may suffer following a construction accident.

Connecticut worker killed in construction accident

A construction worker from a neighboring Connecticut community was recently killed in a construction accident. A second worker was taken to the hospital following the construction accident with life-threatening injuries. The 29-year old worker was killed, and the other worker seriously injured, while working on the second story portion of the roof of a home. Scaffolding had been erected on one side the 3-story home, however, there was no scaffolding at the rear of the home where the men were apparently working on a second story portion of the roof.

Proposed OSHA changes aim to reduce construction worker injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has the important mission of overseeing the working conditions of those in Connecticut, and nationwide, to ensure that conditions are healthful and safe. Part of OSHA's job is to enforce standards that aim to prevent dangerous workplace accidents, including construction accidents. OSHA has recently proposed numerous standards changes with the ultimate goal of promoting workplace health and safety. The proposed changes affect a number of industries, including the construction industry.

How can employers prevent dangerous ladder falls?

Construction work is essential work, but it can also be dangerous work. There are many potential hazards on construction sites, including trench or scaffold collapses, falls, electric shock and injuries due to improper use of personal protective equipment. Furthermore, many individuals are injured on a construction site from the seemingly simple task of using a ladder.

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