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Workplace Injuries Archives

Understanding the causes and effects of wrist injuries

One of the most common workplace injuries reported by workers in Connecticut and elsewhere is wrist pain. Most workers use their hands, and the wrist is a critical joint that can be injured in a variety of ways. Many kinds of injury can cause wrist pain, and an accurate diagnosis is a vital part of effective treatment.

Wounded police officer still fighting for workers' comp benefits

The Connecticut workers' compensation system provides a claimant ample opportunity to appeal an adverse decision, but sometimes, the appeal can be unavailing. The case of a Norwalk police officer who was accidentally shot in a training exercise provides a sad example.

Family of utility worker files wrongful death lawsuit

This blog has often noted the possibility of the family of a deceased worker seeking damages for the worker's wrongful death in a work-related accident. Specifically, the blog has pointed out the potential for seeking damages from a party that was not the employer of the dead worker but that may be at fault for a work-related accident. This scenario has played out in a lawsuit recently filed in Danbury Superior Court.

Accident leads to death and work shutdown on skyscraper

Most tall buildings in Connecticut make extensive use of glass panels on the exterior walls. These panels are very heavy and can pose a risk to workers if they are not secured at all times before installation. In a recent construction site accident, one such panel was on a loading dock awaiting installation when it tipped over and killed a nearby worker.

OSHA to investigate cause of death caused by snowplow

The winter of 2017-2018 has dumped record amounts of snow on Connecticut. As a result, the safety hazards usually associated with winter - poor visibility, slippery spots, snow plows operating in limited space - have been exacerbated. Workplace injuries have also increased across the state, as demonstrated by the death of a worker in Wallingford that appears to have been caused by a snow plow.

Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome

Many Connecticut workers rely on their hands to earn a living, including carpenters, computer operators and machine operators, to name just a few. Injuries to the wrists and hands, while neither life-threatening nor crippling, can have a severe adverse effect on using the hands for work-related tasks. Persons who perform repetitive tasks using their hands often suffer a work-related injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome, and this condition can often interfere with or limit the effective use of the worker's hands.

What are the chief causes of back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common workplace injuries in Connecticut. An understanding of basic types of back injuries and their symptoms can help workers avoid injury to their backs and understand when to visit the doctor. Many people experience back pain without receiving a definitive diagnosis of the cause.

What is the difference between workers' compensation and SSDI?

Most Connecticut residents are aware that the state's workers' compensation program provides certain payments to persons who are injured on the job. They may also know that the federal Social Security Act provides benefits to persons who are disabled. Most people do not, however, understand how the two systems work together or which one covers work-related injuries. This post will provide an overview of the eligibility requirements for workers' compensation benefits under state law and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits under federal law.

Employers increase safety measures to protect older workers

The percentage of older workers in the labor force is increasing every year. This phenomenon may herald an increase in both the number of injuries at work and the seriousness of these injuries. According to persons who study the effects of aging on the workplace, employers are now taking steps to accommodate their older workers in an attempt to protect them from common injuries.

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