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August 2018 Archives

Understanding the workers' compensation appeal process

Filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits can be relatively simple, unless the claim is rejected by the workers' compensation commissioner or his designee. At that point, the procedure may become legally complicated depending upon the error that the commissioner is alleged to have made.

Employers must follow scaffolding safety standards

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, one of the biggest dangers construction workers in Connecticut face is a fall from heights. Oftentimes, workers have to use temporary scaffolding to move from level to level while working on a large building.

Worker rights, and employer obligations, with regard to toxins

Many factories and other industries in Bridgeport and other parts of Connecticut have to use chemicals and other toxic substances as part of their business. While this might be understandable, employers have an obligation to make their workers' safety a priority.

High court orders payment of comp benefits for injured worker

In its most recent post, this blog analyzed the nature of a third-party claim in Connecticut's workers compensation law. A third-party claim is a civil lawsuit against a party that is not the employer of the injured party but who may have been liable for a portion of the worker's damages.

Workers' compensation is for injuries and illnesses

Injuries at work can lead to disastrous impacts on a person's personal life and professional life. Depending on the severity of the issue, there is a chance that the individual can't return to work right away. Between this and the incoming medical bills, this can lead to dire straits. This is where workers' compensation coverage might prove beneficial.

When can a premises be held responsible for negligent security?

In any premises that is open to the public, reasonable measures must be put in place in order to keep all guests safe. This can mean making sure that there are no obvious hazards, such as broken glass on the floor or broken staircases. However, it can also mean that the premises in question has the legal responsibility to ensure that adequate security is in place, especially in premises such as apartment complexes, bars, shopping malls and liquor stores.

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