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May 2018 Archives

Lighter, cheaper robotic hand offers help to injured workers

One of the most catastrophic injuries suffered by Connecticut workers is the loss of a hand. The injury severely limits the ability of a worker to return to the job and requires extensive retraining. Prosthetic hands, ranging from hooks to complex electronic robotic hands, can be very expensive. Help may be on the way because Italian researchers recently announced the development of a robotic hand that may alleviate or eliminate these problems.

Construction elevator collapse kills two workers

This blog recently commented on the death of a Connecticut construction worker who fell through a stairway opening and died when she hit the concrete slab 10 feet below. Accidental falls are one of the leading causes of construction workers' accidents. Another example of a fatal fall occurred at a high-rise renovation project in Naples, Florida.

Pizza worker settles workers' comp claim for $180,000

Custom pizza shops have proliferated in Connecticut and elsewhere over the last several decades. People who love the choice of cheeses and other toppings do not often realize that their culinary freedom depends on many behind-the-scenes workers. One of these workers recently settled a workers' compensation claim for an injury to his foot and ankle for $180,000.

Fighting distracted driving on Connecticut roads

As a driver in Connecticut, you know that distracted driving is a problem that poses a serious threat to you and others on the road. With the increase in smartphone use and in-car technology that requires significant driver interaction, there are now more things than ever before that can distract a driver. 

Construction worker dies after 10-foot fall into empty stairwell

Construction worksites have many hazards that pose threats of injury or death to workers. One of the most serious risks is holes in floors that are awaiting the construction of stairs or installation of heating and cooling ducts and other HVAC equipment. A Connecticut worker appears to have been killed in a construction accident in Vernon, just off the Hartford Turnpike.

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