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April 2018 Archives

Second workplace injury prompts $390,000 settlement

A common question posed by recipients of workers' compensation benefits in Connecticut is "What happens if I suffer another injury in the same spot?" The question was answered for one injured worker who recently settled his second workers' compensation claim for nearly $400,000.

Tree trimmer killed when tree falls unexpectedly

Workers who trim and remove trees use many kinds of safety equipment, including hard hats, safety harnesses and specially designed boots and shoes. Occasionally, however, even the most mindful of precautions can be defeated by unexpected events, as was recently demonstrated by a fatal accident on the job in Trumbull.

OSHA to investigate cause of death caused by snowplow

The winter of 2017-2018 has dumped record amounts of snow on Connecticut. As a result, the safety hazards usually associated with winter - poor visibility, slippery spots, snow plows operating in limited space - have been exacerbated. Workplace injuries have also increased across the state, as demonstrated by the death of a worker in Wallingford that appears to have been caused by a snow plow.

Truck drivers are overloaded with on-the-job safety hazards

If you are a truck driver who navigates massive 18-wheelers on the busy Connecticut roads, you might be concerned for the welfare of your family if you should suffer a debilitating injury or worse in a work-related accident. Transportation accidents claim many lives every year, and falls, overexertion and struck-by-object incidents can cause long-term health problems that might jeopardize your earning ability. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the hours you may drive without resting, but that only addresses the issue of accidents resulting from fatigue and drowsiness.

Four firms settle claims concerning improper asbestos removal

Many people in Connecticut regard the threat formerly posed by asbestos as virtually non-existent. While the use of asbestos as a construction and insulation material has been significantly reduced over the last 30 years, it still causes a number of workplace illnesses. A recent settlement between the state of Massachusetts and four asbestos removal firms, including one based in Connecticut, provides evidence that asbestos still poses a threat to construction workers, remodelers and persons who live or work in buildings that were originally built using asbestos.

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