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January 2018 Archives

Why hire a lawyer to handle a workers' compensation claim?

The state of Connecticut offers many aids to injured workers to help them file claims for workers' compensation benefit. Many forms are available on line. Why, then, should an injured worker hire a lawyer to file and pursue a claim for a work-related injury? The answer can be simple: the workers' compensation claims process, like life, can be filled with uncertainty, and experienced lawyers help injured workers navigate through these uncertainties.

Worker injured in Danbury construction accident

Construction site accidents can have a variety of causes, and more than one party may be liable for any injuries caused by an accident. A recent construction accident in Danbury shows the importance and complexity of identifying the responsible party.

Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome

Many Connecticut workers rely on their hands to earn a living, including carpenters, computer operators and machine operators, to name just a few. Injuries to the wrists and hands, while neither life-threatening nor crippling, can have a severe adverse effect on using the hands for work-related tasks. Persons who perform repetitive tasks using their hands often suffer a work-related injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome, and this condition can often interfere with or limit the effective use of the worker's hands.

The uncertainty of spinal cord injuries and where to find support

Catastrophic injuries are those that have severe impacts on the lives of victims and their loved ones. They are also typically those for which there is no clear prognosis, but rather a wait-and-see situation, with the frustration of not knowing for how long you must wait and see. Spinal cord injuries fall in this category.

BLS releases data on most dangerous occupations

What are the most dangerous occupations in the United States? Most people in Connecticut have intuitive answers to this question, but the actual statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States Department of Labor provide some clear cut answers to the question of which occupations have the highest rates of workplace fatalities.

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