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December 2017 Archives

Recovering workers' compensation benefits for a disability

Most Connecticut workers know that they can recover benefits from the state's workers' compensation system for a work related injury. The scope and amount of those benefits are not always as well known, especially if the worker is rendered totally or partially disabled by the injury. Many serious work-place injuries cause the worker to lose all or a portion of the capacity to work in the future. How does the state workers' compensationsystem treat such injuries and the resulting disability?

What are the chief causes of back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common workplace injuries in Connecticut. An understanding of basic types of back injuries and their symptoms can help workers avoid injury to their backs and understand when to visit the doctor. Many people experience back pain without receiving a definitive diagnosis of the cause.

Demolition contractor cited for mercury and respirator hazards

Demolition workers face some of the most hazardous working conditions imaginable. By its nature, demolition work can fill the air with a number of toxic substances which can cause workplace illnesses. This hazard is serious by itself, but demolition work is made even more dangerous because workers are often unaware of the nature of the toxic substances they may be releasing. Even when the hazards are known, some employers fail to take sufficient steps to eliminate or reduce them. For example, a demolition contractor based in Plainville, Connecticut, has been cited by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety violations on a job site in New Hampshire.

Checking out of a hotel with an injury? You have rights.

When you choose to spend the night in a Connecticut hotel, you almost certainly have the expectation that you will be safe from unnecessary hazards. However, injuries in hotels do happen, and they are not always the fault of the guest. You may think that your slip-and-fall or other type of accident was the result of your own clumsiness, but that may not necessarily be the case.

Worker settles workers' compensation claim for $325,000

How much is the ability to work worth? The question is a common theme in workers' compensation claims. A worker in New Britain who asserted that he would never work again after a workplace accident injured his back recently agreed to accept $325,000 from his employer and the employer's insurer in full payment of workers' compensation benefits for his permanent and total disability.

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