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October 2017 Archives

What is the difference between workers' compensation and SSDI?

Most Connecticut residents are aware that the state's workers' compensation program provides certain payments to persons who are injured on the job. They may also know that the federal Social Security Act provides benefits to persons who are disabled. Most people do not, however, understand how the two systems work together or which one covers work-related injuries. This post will provide an overview of the eligibility requirements for workers' compensation benefits under state law and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits under federal law.

Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome

Many people in Connecticut depend upon their hands to earn a living. Brick layers, carpenters, factory workers, and administrative assistants are only a few examples of such occupations. For anyone in one of these occupations, an injury to the hand can have a devastating impact on their earning capacity. One of the most debilitating injuries that can affect the hands is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Safety measures and your rights as a demolition worker

Construction workers bear the brunt of some of the most dangerous, but necessary, work. These men and women do much more than just put up new buildings or roadways -- they must also take on the task of demolishing existing structures, many of which are incredibly unsafe and have hidden dangers within their walls.

Warehouse worker crushed to death trying to help truck driver

Semi-trailer trucks lined up at loading docks waiting to be loaded or unloaded are a common sight in Connecticut. When they are parked, big rigs appear to be harmless, but even a small malfunction in moving these large trucks can cause a serious workplace accident.

What is a CT scan and how does it fit into workers' compensation?

Connecticut workers who have been injured on the job are frequently asked to submit to a CT scan. But few doctors offer an explanation of how CT scans work or why these scans are made. The science that is behind CT scans is far too complex to be summarized in this blog. Nevertheless, the widespread use of this medical imaging technique makes it a critical part of the workers' compensation claim process, and this post will provide an overview of its use and functioning.

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