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August 2017 Archives

Bridgeport man killed in workplace accident

Construction workers are frequently required to move loads that are far heavier than human lifting and carrying ability. For short moves, workers commonly use "tow motors," a small truck powered by a battery or propane engine. These vehicles often resemble fork lift trucks without the lifting apparatus. A tow motor appears to lie at the center of a sequence of unexplained events that have resulted in a fatal accident on a construction site in Ansonia, Connecticut.

Falling tree kills Harwinton man

Most workplace accidents are caused by man-made items or equipment, such as ladders, scaffolds, retaining walls, saws, and drills. In a remarkable exception to this rule, a recent fatal workplace accident near Windsor, Connecticut was caused by a wholly natural object - a falling tree.

Helping injured workers obtain workers' compensation benefits

Everyday, residents in Connecticut go to work. This might seem like a routine action and is a very necessary part of life, providing a livable income to individuals in all areas, industries and careers, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous activity. An employee can suffer a workplace injury or illness in a workplace accident, which could prove detrimental to his or her health. One of these incidences could result in the inability to work, either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, it is important for employees, no matter where they work, to understand their rights and options following a workplace accident.

Employers increase safety measures to protect older workers

The percentage of older workers in the labor force is increasing every year. This phenomenon may herald an increase in both the number of injuries at work and the seriousness of these injuries. According to persons who study the effects of aging on the workplace, employers are now taking steps to accommodate their older workers in an attempt to protect them from common injuries.

How to pursue damages after suffering injuries in a car accident

If you suffer severe injuries as a car accident victim, you may be overwhelmed by mounting medical bills. Your inability to return to work for some time may further jeopardize your financial stability. Although you likely know that you are entitled to pursue a personal injury claim in a civil court, you might have some questions about the workings of the tort system and personal injury laws in Connecticut.

A survey of the worst workplace injuries in Connecticut

Workers in Connecticut face a wide array of potential accidents that can inflict serious injuries. A recent survey of work-related injuries in Connecticut and other northeastern states by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration illustrates the variety and seriousness of these accidents.

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