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December 2014 Archives

OSHA protects workers who report safety violations

Many workers may be uncertain of what to do when they see a dangerous workplace condition. Uncertainty of whom to report it to or the fear of retaliation may hold some employees back from pursuing action to make a change. Fortunately, statutes exist to protect employees who find themselves in this position.

Connecticut railroad fined for retaliating against injured worker

A recent decision by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration awarded a commuter train employee the largest punitive damages ever awarded in a retaliation case. The case resulted in a compensation amount of nearly $260,000 for the injured worker.

Winter weather may increase risk of a car accident on the job

Poor winter weather conditions have been blamed for a recent bus accident near Hartford, Connecticut. Nine passengers on the bus required transportation to the Hartford Hospital, with four of them being taken to the emergency room. Freezing rain made roads treacherously slick across the state. Highway cameras recording the scene appear to show the accident was attributable to the slippery conditions. The commuter bus crash was not the only one that day; several tractor-trailer accidents were reported as well. Road conditions eventually improved as temperatures rose, as the icy sleet changed into a regular rainfall.

Besides medical costs, what else will workers' comp cover?

Most employees understand that a provider of workers' compensation benefits will pay for all medical bills associated with the injury, so long as the attending physician provides the care. However, many workers are unsure of whether other expenses connected to the medical bills will also be taken care of via workers' compensation.

Police station fined for long-term exposure to toxic chemicals

The police headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, that was previously under review by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has received its final report. The station has been fined for asbestos and water contamination violations that may have increased employees' long-term exposure to toxic chemicals.

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