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You have probably heard of OSHA, but what exactly is it?

Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971 in order to prevent work accidents and deaths due to unsafe working environments. Since its creation, work-related deaths have decreased by over 65 percent while injuries and illnesses have lessened by 67 percent.OSHA covers most private sector employers and employees, as well as some employees in the public sector. Self-employed workers, family members of farm employers and workers in fields regulated by other agencies are generally not covered. OSHA sets standards describing the methods employers must comply with to protect their workers from hazards or a preventable accident at work. Some of these standards include regulations to prevent falls or cave-ins, reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and provide respirators or other safety equipment for employees.

Connecticut company slapped with OSHA fines

A Connecticut construction company finds itself facing large fines for failing to abide by safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The company must pay for violating worker safety regulations in multiple areas and will have to make some adjustments before its failures result in an accident at work.The Connecticut business received a negative evaluation from a recent OSHA investigation regarding safety and health standards within the industry. OSHA cited the company for multiple infractions including inadequate protections from falls and electrical hazards. Additionally, the construction business did not provide appropriate training regarding lead hazards or the purpose, selection and use of respirators. OSHA states company employees were exposed to high levels of lead from paint scrapings and also noted the lack of employee medical evaluations for the purposes of determining fitness for respirators. OSHA fined the business over $100,000 for all of the citations. The company now has 15 business days to contest the findings or make the appropriate reparations.Under OSHA regulations, employers must fulfill certain obligations in order to provide a safe workplace environment for their employees. Included in these requirements is the duty to inform employees of the safety standards applicable to their work, inform employees of the existence and availability of medical and exposure records and complete a written, comprehensive hazard program that dictates provisions for dealing with hazardous materials, such as lead. Employers that fail to meet these standards will receive a citation to remedy any discovered hazards and may be required to pay a fine for each violation. Employees know of certain risks and hazards prominent within their chosen field of work. However, employers are required to do their part in creating the safest work environment possible. Additionally, workers compensation claims help individual employees harmed due to an employer's negligence receive the medical care and wage compensation they deserve.

Connecticut workplace illness more frequent than U.S. average

For some jobs in Connecticut, the work and its environment lends itself to a higher risk to suffer from workplace illness. Workers might be aware of the dangers they face, but are willing to endure the risks and eschew the fear of long-term effects to do their jobs. In other instances, they're not aware of the dangers. In Connecticut, studies have shown that although there are improvements being made when it comes to worker safety, there is still a higher than average number of people who suffer from work-related illness.

Construction accident sends worker to hospital with injuries

Workers in Bridgeport who choose to enter the field of construction know several things. They will have a job that lets them work outside, they'll be able to see the results of their toil as it progresses, they'll be able to use their physical strength and attention to detail and they are at risk for injuries or death in a construction accident. A worker who is injured on a construction site will have a great deal to think about after the accident including workers' compensation and how to return to full health.

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