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April 2013 Archives

Knowing about on-call workers and workers' compensation benefits

One of the most important questions in any workers' compensation claim under Connecticut law is, "Was it a work-related injury?" Workers' compensation benefits can cover many kinds of injuries and illnesses, but generally only if they were sustained by an employee as part of their work duties. Benefits generally don't apply to injuries sustained while the employee was traveling to or from work. But a recent court decision in another state under a legal rule also recognized in Connecticut shows what can sometimes be an exception to that rule.

Workers' compensation and injuries caused by third parties

Among other things, the Connecticut workers' compensation system is supposed to encourage employers to keep their workplaces safe. When employees suffer injuries at work or while performing work duties, the employer must provide certain benefits. However, what about when employers are injured on the job through no fault of the employer?

Connecticut cracks down on uninsured employers

Connecticut labor laws require most employers must carry some kind of insurance for workers' compensation benefits in case their employers are injured on the job. Unfortunately, some employers try to sneak out of this obligation in order to save money. As a result, when a worker is hurt, the employer is unable to provide workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation and fatal accidents

Connecticut's workers' compensation system is set up to pay fixed benefits to employees injured on the job without the need for a lawsuit. The purpose of the system is to not only make sure injured employees are compensated for lost wages and medical expenses, but also to make sure that employers don't have to fight off lawsuits every time someone is hurt on the job. The goal behind workers' compensation is ordinarily to both keep the business running and get the worker back on the job as soon as possible.

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