Can You Get Benefits For Gradual Injuries?

A workers' compensation claim does not necessarily arise from a workplace accident. Many people develop an occupational illness or injury that develops over time. If you are unable to continue in your job for any work-related reason, contact the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz to speak with an occupational injury lawyer. Call me at 866-539-5781 or 203-517-0110 for a free case evaluation.

Representation For Every Type Of Occupational Injury

My Fairfield County law firm represents clients throughout Connecticut. I have helped hundreds of clients secure benefits for a work-related injury after they were denied by their employer's insurance company. I am familiar with all types of occupational injury, including:

  • Back, neck, knee or joint injuries from repeated heavy lifting
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis from normal work duties such as typing or repetitive stress motions
  • Ailments related to long-term exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Allergic reactions to workplace substances (e.g., latex gloves)
  • Heart and hypertension claims for Connecticut police officers

Aggressive Pursuit For The Benefits You Deserve

The insurance company will often challenge your doctor's diagnosis of a disability or argue that the injury or illness was not work-related. In pursuing your claim for workers' compensation benefits, I work closely with my clients and their physicians to document the medical condition and determine which benefits you are entitled to under your claim for occupational injury or repetitive stress, including medical treatment, wage loss and permanency benefits.

Providing Experience And Personal Attention

I will meet with you personally for a free case evaluation and handle every aspect of your claim. You pay no attorney's fees unless you obtain benefits. Contact me at my Stamford firm for an explanation of your workers' compensation rights. Call 866-539-5781 or 203-517-0110, or fill out my contact form.