Representation For Long-Term Spinal Cord Injuries

Any injury to the spinal cord can cause chronic pain, numbness, weakness and, in the worst cases, paralysis. While some spinal cord injuries are temporary and victims can return to normal after a period of rehabilitation, others are permanent and will require a lifetime of medical care. It is important for injury victims, and their families, to pursue necessary compensation for medical treatment and other expenses.

At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, I have over 25 years of experience assisting clients with personal injury and workers' compensation claims in Connecticut. I have recovered substantial verdicts and settlements for clients who have needed benefits or compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, therapy, long-term nursing care and other expenses.

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Complete And Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

As a personal injury lawyer who has handled a wide range of construction and other workplace accidents, I have handled cases involving:

Complete Spinal Cord Injuries

An injury that is described as a "complete spinal cord injury" is one that results in complete loss of motor and nerve function, such as paraplegia, quadriplegia or tetraplegia. People with complete spinal cord injuries may retain some function in their arms and hands, but will likely require wheelchairs, ventilator systems and other equipment to help them live normally.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Incomplete spinal cord injuries are those where victims retain some degree of sensation and movement. This type of spinal cord injury is more common than complete spinal cord injuries. Recovery may also be possible after the injuries have taken place, but significant pain may accompany this recovery. Incomplete spinal cord injuries result from damage to different sections of the spine and spinal cord.

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