Fighting For Victims Of Truck Accidents

In a semitruck accident, the injuries are often more severe and the insurance issues more complex. If your family member suffered serious injury or death in a trucking accident in Connecticut, contact a lawyer with proven results to discuss these complicated cases.

Seeking Compensation In Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Many people are injured each year in collisions with tractor-trailers and large trucks on I-95 and highways across Connecticut. At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, I have handled many of these cases since beginning my practice. I know the devastating impact these accidents have on victims and their families, and I know that many truck crashes are the result of preventable negligence.

Trucking accidents are far more likely to result in a fatality or catastrophic injury such as paralysis, brain damage, lost limbs, or other permanent disability. I seek no less than the full compensation my clients need for the life-changing effects of a semitruck accident.

My Stamford, Connecticut, law firm acts swiftly and aggressively to build a strong case for damages. I work with private investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, and human factors engineers to determine what caused the semitruck accident:

  • Negligence — driver fatigue or inattentive driving, exceeding the maximum hours of driving allowed, speeding or crossing the center line, and poor decisions leading to impact
  • Trucking company liability — hiring unqualified drivers, pressuring drivers to drive without mandated rest, falsifying logs or not following other regulations
  • Truck and freight condition — bald tires, malfunctioning lights, bad brakes; overweight, unsecured or unbalanced loads

In many instances, an examination of the trucks, the driver's logbooks, the trucker's history, and maintenance and inspection records is required to uncover the truth. I work to obtain these records and analyze their content to prove your case.

Sorting Out Complex Insurance Issues

Commercial trucks are often owned and insured by "shell corporations." The tractor cab and trailer may be owned and insured by different companies. I am adept at following the trail back to the accountable entities and at pursuing insurance coverage from multiple defendants.

Experience And Personal Attention Regarding Your Legal Matter

Contact my law office for a free case evaluation regarding your semi truck accident or wrongful death claim. I am an attorney who will meet with you personally and follow up on your medical progress throughout the case. I visit victims at their home or hospital, including weekends by appointment. You can reach our office by calling 866-539-5781 or 203-517-0110.