Small Accidents Can Have Big Implications

Commercial vehicles are trucks or other vehicles that are owned and operated by large companies, but they are driven by people. People can make mistakes. These mistakes can cause real accidents with devastating consequences for you.

At my firm, the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, I take on your case personally. I treat you with respect and I learn everything I can about your accident so I can provide the advocacy you deserve. I do what works for you whether that means litigation or negotiation. Your priorities are my priorities.

Unique Problems With Commercial Vehicle Claims

In most motor vehicle accidents, if there is a conflict, it is between you and the other driver. With a commercial vehicle, if there is a dispute of the basic facts, your opposition has resources that you cannot match without a lawyer's help. Any vehicle on the road that is working under the authorization and for the profit of a corporation is a commercial vehicle, meaning:

  • A tractor-trailer truck owned by a shipping company
  • Buses owned by transportation companies
  • Construction vehicles operated by state contracted road construction crews
  • Vehicles working as part of a ride-sharing organization such as Uber or Lyft

I have experience helping people all over Connecticut get the outcomes that work for them in these cases. I provide realistic advice, constant communication and take the time to build a strategy that they can get behind.

Your Problems Need Personal Support

A commercial vehicle accident can be large or it can be small, but you want to have an attorney behind you who will hold the opposition accountable under the law. Find out how I will work for you by scheduling a free consultation. You can reach me by calling 866-539-5781 or 203-517-0110 or using my online form.

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