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Can food flavorings cause a workplace illness?

Nature provides Connecticut residents with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh meat and dairy products can be purchased from local markets as well as a variety of other products that come in boxes, bags and cans. While health experts battle over what types of diets and food plans are the healthiest for humans many agree that eating whole, natural foods is a better option that relying on processed products.

Exposure to silica dust can lead to serious lung disease

Advances in manufacturing have not only led to an increase in the number of products that Connecticut residents can buy and use but also in the number of jobs available to those who wish to earn a living. Manufacturing jobs can be highly skilled and can provide individuals with stable wages on which their families can thrive. However, as manufacturing techniques have changed and improved since the early ages of industrialization, so too have the possible threats that individuals can face with engaging in such forms of employment.

Pursuing compensation for your workplace illness

Workplace accidents and injuries happen in every industry and place of employment. However, not all Connecticut workers may realize how prevalent the problem of workplace illnesses is for Bridgeport residents and others throughout the state. There are a variety of ways that workers may contract illnesses from their places of employment, and in some cases the losses workers sustain from their workplace illnesses may be compensable.

Exposure to workplace chemicals, hazards can lead to illness

When Connecticut residents think about workplaces where chemicals may be present, large factories, manufacturing plants and other industrial sites may come to mind. However, chemicals in some form or fashion are present in practically every office, store, restaurant and other locations where a person may hold down a job. From cleaning supplies to ink toner, workers are often exposed to substances that could pose risks to their health.

Common illnesses in the workplace

Each year, workers suffer a variety of workplace illnesses which can place great strain on them and their families. Workers can suffer from workplace illnesses and injuries in offices, warehouses, outdoor work environments and a variety of other types of workplaces. Each workplace illness or accident has the potential to have a detrimental impact on the daily lives of workers, possibly requiring medical care and treatment and making earning a living a challenge.

Connecticut workplace illness numbers increase

In total, workplace illnesses and injuries in Connecticut increased by 8 percent from 2013 to 2014. UConn Health reported that the number of workplace illnesses was 18.7 illnesses per 10,000 workers during that period which also places the number of illnesses in Connecticut at 7 times higher than the national average. Of the 8,257 occupational illness cases in 2014, approximately 3,500 were musculoskeletal related; 2,500 were infectious disease related, 650 were respiratory illnesses, nearly 400 were skin conditions and greater than 1,000 fell into an "other" category for the illness suffered.

What types of illnesses can asbestos exposure cause?

Asbestos exposure is a serious concern and can render victims vulnerable to certain diseases and illnesses caused by asbestos exposure. Generally, the greater the exposure to asbestos, the greater chance the individual exposed to asbestos has of developing negative health consequences as a result. The major health dangers associated with asbestos exposure are lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Ill workers benefit from Connecticut attorney's guidance

A Connecticut worker can contract many different types of illnesses on the job. Some working environments may create hazards that lead to lung disease. Other jobs may create stressful or high-intensity situations that result in depression. Still others may pose the risk of illnesses that are ultimately fatal, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Workplace illness turns deadly during bathtub refinishing

Different Connecticut workplaces present different types of hazards. Construction workers are at risk for falling off scaffolding and being injured by machinery on the job. Shipyard workers may be exposed to asbestos and associated asbestos-related illnesses. Some workplace hazards and their attendant occupational illnesses may be more surprising, however, as was the case in a fatality that occurred after a worker was refinishing a bathtub.

Lawyer helps sick Connecticut workers obtain benefits

When ill or injured, Connecticut workers often seek the guidance of trained medical professionals. Whether an employee needs the assistance of a doctor to set a broken bone, evaluate potential carpal tunnel syndrome, or treat a case of heat exhaustion, as this blog reported on in a previous post, medical assistance is an essential part of dealing with work-related illnesses.

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