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Road crew worker hit by car suffers workplace injuries

A Connecticut Department of Transportation employee suffered injuries when the employee was hit by a moving vehicle while on the job. The employee was attending to a road project on Route 15 in North Haven when the vehicle collided with the employee and caused the road to be closed for several hours. Thankfully the employee did not suffer life-threatening injuries and will likely recover.

Auto auction accidents a source of workplace accidents

While new cars are often bought from dealers and off of the lots they maintain, used vehicles can come from a variety of different sources. Connecticut residents can purchase them from private parties or they may find a dealer who takes on previously owned vehicles to sell with their newer stock. In many cases, though, a buyer will find their "new" used vehicle at an auto auction or similar sales event.

What are my rights after a ladder fall at work?

Workplace accidents can threaten Bridgeport workers who hold jobs in practically all industries and employment venues. From office workers to construction workers to restaurant and retail shop workers, each faces some unique threats to their health and safety when undertake the tasks of their jobs. A surprising number of people in a variety of types of employment must use ladders during their work day and unfortunately some of them suffer injuries when they fall from those pieces of equipment.

Get compensated for an injury suffered in a workplace accident

In today's tough economic times, Connecticut residents are thankful they have a steady job that provides them with the means to fulfill their financial obligations and live comfortably. However, they are not aware that, regardless of the type of office they work in, whether their work is primarily indoors or outdoors, they are entitled to certain safety rights that their employer must fulfill.

What are my workplace safety rights?

Workplace safety is an important concern for workers and their families. Because of the impact of workplace safety on the daily lives of so many, and the proper emphasis that should be placed on it in the workplace, there are certain important workplace safety protections workers should be familiar with. Workers and their families, however, may wonder what those workplace safety protections are.

What is OSHA and how does it help protect workers?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exists to protect workers by reducing workplace hazards and implementing health and safety programs. OSHA regulations apply in a variety of workplaces, including construction sites, so it is important to understand worker rights and protections on job sites and in their workplaces. You may have heard of OSHA but wondered what your protections were.

Worker killed in fatal New England workplace accident

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of construction accidents for workers and their families but any workplace accident can be devastating for workers and families. Workplace accidents can sometimes, unfortunately, be fatal. A recent fatal workplace accident in a nearby state is a reminder of the sometimes tragic nature of workplace accidents. The 51-year old worker was killed while working at a supermarket distribution center. The workplace accident occurred when the worker fell between a tractor trailer and the loading dock it was pulling away from. A forklift transferring items from the truck to the dock then fell on the victim, killing him.

Connecticut police detective injured while directing traffic

Workers injured on the job should be familiar with protections available to them. A Connecticut police detective was recently struck and injured by a motorcycle while directing traffic. The 14-year police veteran suffered serious injuries but was conscious at the scene of the accident. His condition is said to be improving and he was recently released from the hospital. He was at first trapped under the motorcycle following the accident, which occurred in the middle of the afternoon, but was freed with the help of those around the scene.

Understanding workers' compensation rights and benefits

There are many challenges an injured worker may face as part of the workers' compensation claims process. They may be denied benefits, may be pressured to return to work before they are fully healed or may face retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim for benefits. Because of the importance of workers' compensation benefits to injured workers and their families, it is essential that workers are aware of the circumstances that entitle them to workers' compensation benefits and the types of benefits they may be able to receive to help with the struggles they face following a workplace injury.

Transit worker killed in on-the-job accident

Important resources are available to victims of workplace accidents and their families. A workplace accident in a neighboring state in a nearby community approximately an hour from the Bridgeport area recently resulted in the death of a worker. While working on the subway tracks, the local transit worker was recently struck and killed. Three workers were working on the tracks setting up warning lights for construction when two of them were struck by the subway train. The train pinned the two workers in a curved area of the tracks. A 53-year old worker died in the accident and the second worker, a 49-year old man, was taken to the hospital and was in serious but stable condition. Both victims of the accident were conductors and long-time transit workers.

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