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April 2016 Archives

Many types of benefits available for injured Connecticut workers

In Connecticut, workers who are injured on the job are eligible for a number of workers' compensation benefits. These benefits include certain monetary benefits and medical treatment. Sometimes, however, these benefits may not cover all of a worker's needs following an on-the-job injury. Fortunately, there are additional workers' compensation benefits available under the Workers' Compensation Act.

We seek compensation for injured Connecticut workers

A workplace accident can occur quickly and may, at first look, seem to be a simple event. For example, a worker may slip and fall on the jobsite, or be struck by falling debris. A worker may be hit by a piece of equipment or injured in a scaffolding fall. Though an accident itself may occur quickly, the process that follows an accident is often not as speedy. A Connecticut worker's medical treatment following a workplace accident can extend over a period of weeks or even years. An employer must investigate the accident, as this blog reported in a previous post, and OSHA might also perform an investigation.

Security guards are at risk for serious workplace injuries

Security guards are at the forefront of creating safe working environments, both in Connecticut and nationwide. They may have simple tasks of scanning workers' bags or checking identification, but they are also gatekeepers protecting office buildings and other places of employment from dangerous hazards. Unfortunately, security guards themselves sometimes are in vulnerable positions that can lead to serious on-the-job injuries.

DOL rule will impact Connecticut workers' silica exposure

A new rule recently issued by the Department of Labor aims to protect workers from dangerous silica dust. Silica comes from a variety of different materials, including brick, stone, and concrete, when they are broken. If inhaled, silica dust can scar a person's lungs and lead to Connecticut residents suffering workplace illnesses such as cancer and silicosis.

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