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Can food flavorings cause a workplace illness?

Nature provides Connecticut residents with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh meat and dairy products can be purchased from local markets as well as a variety of other products that come in boxes, bags and cans. While health experts battle over what types of diets and food plans are the healthiest for humans many agree that eating whole, natural foods is a better option that relying on processed products.

This is in part because processed products do not always resemble the natural food from which they were derived and can contain additives that are not necessarily healthy for those who consume them. In some cases, food additives such as food flavorings can be so damaging in the food processing process that they can cause food industry workers to suffer work-related illnesses.

Exposure to silica dust can lead to serious lung disease

Advances in manufacturing have not only led to an increase in the number of products that Connecticut residents can buy and use but also in the number of jobs available to those who wish to earn a living. Manufacturing jobs can be highly skilled and can provide individuals with stable wages on which their families can thrive. However, as manufacturing techniques have changed and improved since the early ages of industrialization, so too have the possible threats that individuals can face with engaging in such forms of employment.

One threat to workers' health that has been around for quite a long time is silica dust. Silica dust is a byproduct of many manufacturing processes and is a fine particulate that workers can breathe in. When it collects in the lungs of an affected worker it can lead to the hardening of the lung tissue and the development of the workplace disease silicosis.

4 preventative steps for avoiding drowsy driving

You may know the feeling of sudden and overwhelming fatigue all too well. Whether you have had a hard day at work or have spent your time doing other mentally or physically strenuous activity, you likely know that sometimes even holding your head up can seem like an impossible challenge. As a result, you certainly attempt to refrain from putting yourself in a position that requires your complete attention.

However, even when you feel completely wiped out due to activity, lack of sleep or other factors, you may have obligations that require you to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Of course, you undoubtedly understand that driving while drowsy can place you and other travelers at risk, and, therefore, you may want to explore preventative measures for feelings of fatigue.

Road crew worker hit by car suffers workplace injuries

A Connecticut Department of Transportation employee suffered injuries when the employee was hit by a moving vehicle while on the job. The employee was attending to a road project on Route 15 in North Haven when the vehicle collided with the employee and caused the road to be closed for several hours. Thankfully the employee did not suffer life-threatening injuries and will likely recover.

An accident at work such as this is a good reminder to readers of this Bridgeport workers' compensation and workplace accidents blog of how quickly bad situations can arise while Connecticut residents are doing their jobs. While this worker's line of employment placed them on a road where dangers such as cars, trucks and other motor vehicles are to be expected, all workers face threats to their safety in their own lines of work.

Let us help you after your construction accident

Construction workers provide necessary and important services to every member of the Bridgeport community. Through their specialized skills and tremendous effort they build, repair and shape the urban landscape of the city which in turn improves not only the local aesthetic but also property values and community safety.

It is no surprise, though, that accidents at constructions sites sometimes happen. A great deal of activity can transpire at any given time at a building location and injuries can occur when workers slip and fall, harm themselves with machinery or experience physical harm in other ways. Construction site accidents can result in physical harm that ranges in severity from minor issues to tremendously serious injuries and death.

What is the process for filing a workers' compensation claim?

In Connecticut, and states throughout the nation, workers' compensation programs exist to provide individuals who become ill or hurt while doing their jobs with money to support themselves and their families while they recover. The program exists to prevent workers from having to sue their employers every time they are hurt or become sick while on the job, which would become costly and burdensome for all of the parties involved. In order to file a workers' compensation claim in Connecticut, individuals must look to the state's workers' compensation laws.

In Connecticut the workers' compensation program is administered by the Workers' Compensation Commission. The Commission recommends that an injured or sick worker immediately report their illness or injury to their employer, so that the employer has notice of the issue and so that a delay in reporting does not negatively impact the worker's chances of successfully claiming workers' compensation benefits. At this stage, a worker should also seek medical care to address their ailment. In general, the worker will first see a medical professional of the employer's choosing.

Scaffolding structures can cause construction site accidents

Seeing a high-rise building grow over the course of weeks and months can be exciting for individuals who live in Connecticut's metropolitan areas. Though the tall buildings may stretch higher and higher with each passing week, it can take months before they are fully revealed without the many scaffolds and support structures that workers attach to them and use to complete their work. Scaffolds and supports play an integral part in construction work and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that close to two-thirds of construction workers work on scaffolds with some frequency during the course of their jobs.

Scaffolds are temporary structures that workers may erect in order to reach building sites and projects during their construction. Since they are used to support workers while the workers are off of the ground the scaffolds must meet strict OSHA guidelines regarding how much load they can sustain. Materials used to make scaffolds generally must be able to hold up four to six times the weight they are intended to bear in order to be OSHA compliant.

Auto auction accidents a source of workplace accidents

While new cars are often bought from dealers and off of the lots they maintain, used vehicles can come from a variety of different sources. Connecticut residents can purchase them from private parties or they may find a dealer who takes on previously owned vehicles to sell with their newer stock. In many cases, though, a buyer will find their "new" used vehicle at an auto auction or similar sales event.

An auto auction brings together vehicles, sellers and buyers in to one space where the buyers may bid on the cars, trucks, vans and other autos of their choosing. Bidding is fast and depending upon the size of the auction there may be dozens of vehicles moving in and out of the auction space at any given moment. With all of the commotion of motors and people crushing into a single auction event it may come as no surprise that a number of workers have been harmed in incidents at American auto auctions.

Is an informal settlement after a truck crash the option for you?

Motorists who travel on Interstate 95 in the Stamford, Connecticut area typically share the road with multiple commercial trucks that expose them to significant crash risks. Passenger car vs. big rig accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries -- or worse -- simply due to the difference in size and weight of the two vehicles. The financial losses suffered by injured victims or surviving families who had lost a loved one in a trucking accident can be astronomical, and civil lawsuits are often the way victims pursue recovery of damages.

Several parties may be deemed responsible for a commercial truck accident, and if you are a victim who is suffering the consequences of such a collision, your most appropriate step might be to seek the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can assess the circumstances and explain your available options, one of which might be resolving the issue by way of an informal settlement.

What are my rights after a ladder fall at work?

Workplace accidents can threaten Bridgeport workers who hold jobs in practically all industries and employment venues. From office workers to construction workers to restaurant and retail shop workers, each faces some unique threats to their health and safety when undertake the tasks of their jobs. A surprising number of people in a variety of types of employment must use ladders during their work day and unfortunately some of them suffer injuries when they fall from those pieces of equipment.

Ladders are used by workers in stores and restaurants to reach stock that may have been placed on high shelves or in back cupboards. They may be used by office workers to get to out of reach files or supplies that the workers do not keep at their desks. Most obviously, ladders are used in a variety construction projects to allow workers to reach the structures that they are building. Ladders can be large or small but are used to get people off of the ground.

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